Latino Vote 2012: Obama’s Latino Media Push

Agree with him, or not, President Obama and his team are not taking chances when connecting with Latino voters. On the heels of his El Paso speech, President Obama continues to do the rounds with Spanish-language media.

According to today’s POLITICO’s Morning Score by Alexander Burns, President Obama is making stops at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast, and doing interviews with Telemundo and Univision in major Latino heavy markets.

“TODAY IN D.C. – From the White House guidance: “In the morning, the President will deliver remarks at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast … Later in the morning, the President and the Vice President will meet with the Senate Republican Caucus … Later in the day, the President is interviewed by Telemundo … the President will be interviewed by KINC Univision/Entravision Las Vegas, WLTV Univision 23 Miami and Telemundo Dallas.” …

Here is a lesson for 2012 Republican candidates, start NOW talking to Spanish-speaking media and reporters. That long-term relationship will make a huge difference in Latino engagement efforts… Do not repeat mistakes from the past by waiting till much later to hire a “specialty media” Spanish-speaking press operative for your campaign. Campaigns should adapt to the changing environment which includes the 24-hour news cycle, the prominence of Spanish-speaking media and the reality that many of those Latino viewers are bilingual.


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