Pres Obama Immigration Dance: Will Latinos Accept The Offer?

In a speech in El Paso, Texas President Barak Obama discussed his long-shot “new” push on immigration reform (and kick-offed his Obama 2012 Latino Outreach campaign).

It was the first time the President had visited the U.S.-Mexico border since winning the White House – 26 months ago. In his speech, he declared the border safer then ever and mocked Republican lawmakers for wanting more border security. The President said the GOP wouldn’t be happy until they get a moat with alligators along the border. The ridiculous statement by President Obama seemed like part of a messaging campaign aimed at saying it was those Republicans who were blocking immigration, not him….  hmmmm

The campaign stop in El Paso was purely political. With eyes set on November 2012, the question is, will Latinos re-elect a President who has broken every campaign promise made to them? In 2008 candidate Obama promised a better economic future, more jobs and the passage of immigration reform… the economy is worse, Hispanic unemployment is high and President Obama has not proposed immigration reform legislation.

In an interview in 2008, candidate Obama told anchor Jorge Ramos on Univision Network News: “What I can guarantee is that we will have in the first year an immigration bill that I strongly support and that I’m promoting.” Ramos has not let Obama, nor the Latino community, forget the President’s (broken) promise on immigration reform.

President Obama’s new immigration speech was mostly met with the same response – same old thing from a worried Politico.

Syndicated Columnist Ruben Navarrette penned a piece for Real Clear Politics, appropriately named “Same Old Tune on Immigration.” Navarrette criticizes the Obama administration current deportation tactics and for Obama’s “cynical and dishonest” approach when dealing with the immigration issue.

“This week, in El Paso, Obama again pledged to fix a broken system but not without an assist from Republicans. And again, he bragged about cracking down on illegal immigration. We’re a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws.  Blah, blah….

As someone who believes that illegal immigrants should be deported, what concerns me is that Obama is being cynical and dishonest. For example, after suing Arizona over the principle that enforcing immigration law is the job of the federal government and not local or state law enforcement agencies, the administration is using those agencies as a force multiplier and scooping up illegal immigrants arrested by them to boost the deportation tally.”

In columnist Esther J. Cepeda piece, “Obama Shouldn’t Take Latinos For Granted,” she states the President has not shown any real leadership on the issue of immigration. She opens the piece saying:

“President Barack Obama thinks Latino voters are stupid. There’s no evidence to the contrary, based on how he’s mishandling his campaign promises on comprehensive immigration reform.It’s already becoming a problem for him as he maneuvers toward the 2012 presidential election.”

Several Hispanic conservative groups spoke out on Obama’s statements including:

The Hispanic Leadership Fund said:

“From the time President Obama was in the US Senate–when he supported poison pill amendments designed to kill immigration reform efforts–we have seen that President Obama is only a friend to Latinos when he is in campaign mode…”(MORE)

The Latino Coalition of Texas said:

“The Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas (LNRC) is discouraged by President Obama’s remarks in El Paso today concerning immigration reform. Once again, the president has refrained from showing significant leadership on an issue of importance to Texas voters and the nation as a whole…

Now is the time to move forward and solve the impending problem with solid leadership both at the state and federal level. In Texas, we are looking forward to 2012 for a Republican resurgence at the polls to finally elect representation that will tackle immigration at federal level. It’s time to take hold of the opportunity to lead and win over the hearts and minds of Texas Hispanic voters.”

What did you think about President Obama’s El Paso speech?



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