It’s Baseball Season….

One of my most vivid childhood memories was the ever-present baseball batting tee strategically placed in the front yard of my Miami home. My father had purposefully placed it a few steps outside the front door, in what I can only assume was his way to inspire the future MLB Hall of Famers inside of my brother and I.While neither my brother or I ever became good at the game he so loves, we did learn to love baseball…

My father is a massive baseball fan. Growing up in Mexico, his brothers and he would listen to béisbol games on the radio. They each had their favorites, but he loved cheering on his Brooklyn Dodgers. Now a Miami resident for over 30 years, he loves the Marlins just as much a he loves the Dodgers, and all things baseball… well maybe not the Yankees… (NOTE: I currently live in NYC and naturally go to Yankee games as much as I can.)

As we usher in a new baseball season, I have decided to learn more about the history of America’s national pass time, especially living in NYC which has so much baseball history. Thanks to Netflix, and a boyfriend whose love of baseball is only rivaled by my own father’s love of the game, I have started watching Ken Burn’s “Baseball.”

One thing I do know, and reinforced by the documentary, baseball equals America. As the historian Jacques Barzun once said, “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.”


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