Latino Vote 2012: Hispanic Swing Vote Puts Colorado in Play

Interesting piece from the Daily Caller on how Colorado is in play in 2012 for the GOP, thanks to the Latino vote.

Colorado, a state where Democrats have seen numerous victories in recent years, could be ready for a swing in 2012. CivicForumPAC has moved Colorado to the “toss up states” category for the 2012 presidential election, thanks in large part to the fact that Hispanics are beginning to sour on President Obama. The president’s weakening connection with independents doesn’t bode well for him in Colorado either.

According to recent Gallup survey data (published April 7), Hispanics nationwide approved of Obama’s job performance at a 54 percent clip in March, which ties the president’s lowest approval rating among the group since he entered the Oval Office in 2009. While this statistic might have escaped most casual newsreaders, it is important for the GOP in Colorado, because Hispanics comprise more than 20 percent of the Centennial State’s population…

The authors recognizes that the Colorado GOP has a lot of work ahead of them, and need to outperform previous lackluster election cycles. The opportunity for a Republican to win the Latino vote will fall on their message discipline and if they are serious about implementing a real long-term Hispanic engagement strategy. It’s not just “outreach” it is about understanding the community and delivering a culturally relevant communications and political effort.
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