Univision: The New American Reality (VIDEO)

Univision Network posted a great video on the U.S. Hispanic population.  The video, not only provides hard fact on the tremendous growth of the Latino community, but explains what it means to be a Hispanic.

Many forget that to be Hispanic is to be American….The words Hispanic and Latino were created in the United States to classify the millions of people from the various Spanish-speaking countries. The word “Hispanic” first came into use in 1970’s under the Nixon administration when the government needed to quantify this growing group of American citizens. The word “Latino” made its first appearance in the 1980 census.

To be Hispanic is to be bi-cultural, to be part of two cultural worlds. It goes beyond race, as Hispanics can be White, Black, Native American, Asian, and anything, and everything, in between. We are united by tradition and language – for many it means to be proud of your familia’s culture and thank God for being an American.

Learn more and watch the video.

FROM UNIVISION: “You’ve probably read the headlines: “New census milestone: Hispanics reach 50 million”; “U.S. Hispanic population tops 50 million” and one of our favorites “Los USA — Latino Populations Grow Faster with Wider Spread.” The U.S. Census numbers have confirmed that the Hispanic population has reached an important milestone, the 50 million mark. We are waking up to a new reality, a new face of America. The New American Reality video speaks to the unique experience of being Latino in America today. “


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