The Hill: Hispanic vote could hold key to GOP Senate majority

With more data coming out of the Census, showing in hard numbers the growth and potential power of Latino voters, politicos are paying attention.

Today, The Hill wrote a piece on the significance of the Hispanic vote. Among the important points being made by fellow Latino Republicans was to pay attention to tone, focus on the issues and rethink the old ways of “outreach.” For too long the Party has compartmentalized it’s activists and surrogates, and has not rethought methods on how to effectively connect with Hispanic voters.

Read the piece here:

Hispanic vote in critical 2012 states could hold key to GOP Senate majority
Sean J. Miller, The Hill

Hispanic populations have grown dramatically in several states Republicans see as crucial to their party’s efforts to retake the Senate, making some GOP strategists worry that a heated immigration reform debate could nix those efforts.

New census data show minority communities booming in states such as Montana, Nebraska and Missouri, which saw their Hispanic populations leap by 58, 77 and 79 percent, respectively, in the last ten years.

It isn’t lost on GOP strategists that the reelection campaigns for those states’ Democratic senators — Jon Tester, Ben Nelson and Claire McCaskill — are expected to be close. Nor do they need reminding that a Republican majority in the Senate is at least three seats away.

“If this becomes an election all about the economy, there’s a major opening for a Republican candidate to appeal to Latino voters,” said Bob Moore, a Republican pollster. “But if it becomes about immigration, then it could be problematic for the Republican nominee.”

The biggest question now is, what will the GOP do? Will they actually implement a long-term effective strategy or wait until the a few months before Election Day to attempt to connect with Latino voters?

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