California: Latino Political Strength Continues To Grow

Latino political strength continues to grow. Today from Politico’s Morning Score:

“FIRST IN SCORE – BATTLE: CALIFORNIA – Latino voters in the nation’s largest state continue to have much warmer feelings toward the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, according to a poll that will be released today from GOP pollster Bob Moore and Republican strategist Marty Wilson. In an image test of the two parties, Democrats have a double-digit advantage with California Latinos, who were pivotal in electing Jerry Brown to the governor’s mansion last November. If there’s a pathway for Republicans to win over Latino voters, the poll suggests it involves winning big-ticket national debates on national security, the economy and education. A source familiar with the polling data told Score it shows 69 percent of Latinos would think about supporting a Republican who pledges to “ensure all children had a chance at a first-rate education,” while similar majorities would consider a GOP candidate who will improve the economy and create jobs (65 percent) and protect the country from terrorism (63 percent.)

MORE – WHY YOU SHOULD PAY ATTENTION: Latinos now make up 38 percent of the California population, nearly matching the state’s 40-percent white population. That means any party hoping to compete in statewide elections is going to have to do much better with Latinos than the GOP ticket did last year. Full data from the poll will be released by Moore, the president of Moore Information, and Wilson, a partner at Wilson-Miller Communications, at 10:30 a.m. PST. “


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