The Fate of the GOP in Latino Hands

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar wrote an interesting piece about the GOP’s need to connect with Hispanic voters in “North by Southwest.” The article states that the only way for the GOP to stay viable in future elections is by finding ways to appeal to Hispanic voters, and highlights potential candidates that could help the Republican Party better connect with Latinos.  Read the full piece here.

Kraushaar closed his column with the following statement:

“The lesson: Republicans have shown they can compete for the Hispanic vote with the right message and the right candidates. But they also have shown they could easily squander their opportunities. The question: Which path will they take in 2012?”

I agree with Kraushaar. I’ve worked with people who have embraced efforts to connect with Latino voters and others who have squandered the opportunity. The results of the 2010 elections, combined with the reality of new Census numbers, provides those of us pushing the GOP to create a long-term Hispanic outreach plan a new tool to make our case. If the Party doesn’t adjust its’ strategy, the future of the GOP maybe in question.


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