Peña: Hispanic Conservatism And Its Emergence in Texas Politics

This week Latinovations “La Plaza” Blog highlighted a guest post by Texas State Representative Aaron Peña titled “Hispanic Conservatism: Its Emergence in Texas Politics.” The blog invited Rep. Peña to write about why he switched to the Republican Party. Rep. Peña, along with four other Republicans of Hispanic decent, have formed the Hispanic Republican Conference of Texas.

Below is an excerpt of the post, read the full piece at Latinovations here

Guest Blogger Series: Texas State Rep. Aaron Peña “Hispanic Conservatism: Its Emergence in Texas Politics”

My values and those of the Democratic Party have drifted apart.

I have won elections in Deep South Texas on a platform of sensible investments in our teachers and public schools, fostering a climate where reasonable and fair taxes allow the state to provide services to its citizens while business and entrepreneurs are allowed to thrive. Championing the principle that our government should be minimally involved in the private decisions of its people, my work in the Legislature has earned endorsements from teachers, law enforcement officials, hospitals and doctors. I have maintained an A+ rating from the Texas State Rifle Association and have been endorsed by the Texas Right to Life Commission. In the legislature I have worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to do what is best for my community and the State of Texas. My values have not strayed from those ethos that are deeply ingrained in the people of South Texas — values rooted in deep family traditions and principles that hard work and fair play are rewards in and of itself.

For too long my community has suffered from a political environment that puts personalities and party bosses ahead of good ideas…


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