Mile Marker Zero, Hello Key West!

My Latin skin was more than happy to escape the northeast winter with a trip to my hometown of Miami, Fl.  While the reason for the trip was a friend’s wedding and my father’s birthday/retirement party, my BF and I decided to go on an impromptu road trip to Key West during our visit in the summer like weather.

We departed from my family’s home early in the morning and drove south on I-95. The scenic drive to Key West is one of those great road trips I did with my family. The small island paradise is about three plus hours from Miami and offers a unique combination of the Key’s laid back island lifestyle with Pirate lore and Cuban/Caribbean heritage.  Almost everything on the south part of the island is marked with the “Southern Most” or “closest ____ to Cuba.” Clearly as a daughter of Cuban exile, anything close to Cuba is a “must-see” as it is the closest thing we could come to her native country.

Stopping various times along the different keys, we finally got to Key West in the mid-afternoon.  One of my favorite things to do on “vacation” is enjoy the local flavor with a food tour.  Clearly, a tour of Key West would not be complete without a stop at Sloppy Joe’s.

After a few margaritas and some conch fritters we walked to Mallory Square to watch the sunset. Joined with a few hundred people (it was Valentine’s Day, by the way) we saw a perfect Florida sunset.

We had no real plans other than to enjoy warm paradise, and maybe some Key Lime pie. Yet, as a political junkie we did make a stop to a historic landmark – the Harry Truman Little White House. Built in 1890, it was the winter White House for President Harry S. Truman. Originally a naval base,  the Little White House has hosted many noteworthy events, including being the temporary residence for Thomas Edison during WWI while he helped with war efforts and being the place where the Department of Defense was created.

Right outside of the Little White house in a sand sculpture tribute to President Harry Truman… very Key West.

An interesting little thing about Key West is that it is the official start/end of I-95, which runs through the entire East Coast. You can find mile marker zero “0” on the small island. I guess its proper it was our last stop during our mini-vacation to Key West before venturing “North” to Miami….


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