CPAC Day 1: A Puerto Rican In Idaho

It’s day one of CPAC and the conference is buzzing with thousands of activists representing the entire spectrum of the conservative movement.

Hundreds of speakers will take the microphone on issues ranging from the constitution to new media and everything in between.

One of today’s first speeches was given by newly elected Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho. The Republican legislator is a native of the island of Puerto Rico and one of a handful of new Hispanic Republicans elected in 2010.

Representative Labrador walked the attendees through the story of his life. He is a child of a single mother. She was outcasted by many in her hometown for her decision. The two left Puerto Rico in hopes for a better future in the “mainland.” His mother put him in private school, even thought it was above their budget, but she knew a good education and dominance of the English language would ensure her child was successful.

The decisions by Raul Labrador’s mom put him on a path where he knew that he was responsible for his own actions and that in America, the land of opportunity, he could accomplish anything. … He eventually did and today is a happily married father, lawyer and member of Congress.

Like many Latinos, when Labrador and his mother where going through rough times, they didn’t want a handout they wanted a hand up. It was this basic message of personal responsibility and defining the role of government in a person’s life that shaped Labrador.

I was moved by Representative Labrador’s personal story against adversity. A story similar to many Latino families.

I hope that as a new member of Congress Labrador helps get the Republican message out and shows many Latinos that they and the GOP has a lot more in common than the Left would like them to believe.


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  1. Really interesting to see how Republicans (conservatives) are now parading Latinos in hopes of gaining the Latino Vote. Anyway, who the heck has asked for a handout…Latinos are hardworkers, they just want jobs!

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