U.S. Spanish Newspapers Buck Death Trend

Despite the recession, the growth of Latino use of digital media, and  general trends of U.S. newspapers, America’s Spanish-language newspapers and magazines have maintained their relevance and have seen moderate growth in circulation and advertising revenues. According to a new report released on Monday by Hispanic Marketing Weekly, U.S. Spanish-language papers have experienced an increase of 6.4 percent in revenues from the previous year.

Some individual publications are reporting increases of as much as 11% in circulation.

Like most newspapers, Spanish-language media has had to adapt to changes on how consumers acquire information by incorporating much of their traditional content into online version, both on the Internet and readable on mobile devices.

An example of the growth of Spanish-language newspapers is ImpreMedia, the leading Hispanic News and Information company in the US, which reported impressive growth in readership for its weekly publications – El Mensajero (San Francisco), La Raza (Chicago) and La Prensa (Orlando). Its portal, impre.com, and its newspaper websites also reported a substantial increase in unique visitors and page views.

According to Scarborough’s 2010 R2 Hispanic custom study, San Francisco’s El Mensajero’s monthly readership increased 11% while Chicago’s La Raza grew an impressive 10% compared to 2010 R1. Orlando’s La Prensa also saw an increase of 10% in its monthly readership to an audience of at 109,191.

impreMedia’s portal, impre.com, and its publication’s websites also reported  growth in traffic over the last six months almost doubling monthly audience and reaching 1.2 million unique visitors in December 2010 according to Omniture. The websites surpassed 5 million page views in a month and continues to steadily grow and expand its digital footprint.

Hispanic use of online technology has grown at a faster pace than the general market in recent years. Over 45% of Latinos report using smartphones, which is above the average of the general market. Only 27% of white (non-Hispanics) mobile users reported owning a smartphone.


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