School Choice Week and the Latina Gap

National School Choice Week was January 23-29, 2011 which aimed to highlight all the options parents and students have to educate children. The organization created a wrap up video highlighting clips and activities from the week:

Education continues to be the number one issue for the Latino community. Discussing school choice and education is an excellent opportunity for candidates and organizations to connect with Latino voters. The reality is that across the nation Hispanic children continue to underperformed academically, with high drop out rates and low levels of college completion. Educating Hispanic parents on school choice options is necessary and vital for the future of his country.

A MALDEF survey – “Listening to Latinas: Barriers to High School Graduation” – highlights the dropout crisis impacting Latina students and the alarming gap between aspiration and expectation contributing to the problem. Clearly there is something wrong with our nation’s education system when children don’t feel empowered enough to follow their aspirations.

Some disturbing facts:

  • 80% of Latina students aspire to go to college
  • 98% of Latinas aspire to get a high school diploma
  • 66% of Latinas expect to get a high school diploma
  • 41% of Latinas dropout before they acquire a standard HS diploma
  • 50% of Latino drop out before they acquire a standard HS diploma
  • 12% of Latinos graduate from college

There is no doubt that many Hispanic parents do not have enough information about the educational options for their children. Maybe if they did we wouldn’t see 50% of Latinos drop out of college.


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