Me Vs. Snow

I recently decided to rebuild my relationship with snow…. You see we started on very shaky ground.

I first met snow in New York City during a high school field trip from my native home of Miami, Florida. I had always wanted to see snow. I had romantic visions of the way snow looked, felt, smelled from all the movies and television shows. Finally, on the one free day we had during the trip a friend and I decided to go to a tapping of the Today Show at Rockefeller Center, knowing that snow would show up that morning. And boy did snow show up, it was EVERYWHERE!! … What ended up happening is that this Miami Latina, who had never seen snow, somehow didn’t understand that snow was made up of water – horribly cold wet, icy, hurtful water. As a result I was frozen solid as my cloth gloves, sneakers and athletic socks were not made for winter weather. I had to seek shelter in St. Patrick Cathedral and resar for warmth. Since that day I hated snow.

Fast forward 11 years later, I am back in New York City. I have decided that for too long I have let my bad relationship with snow hurt my feelings about winter. (My boyfriends laughs that each time the weather report announces snow shower, I physically look ill.)

I decided to rebuild my relationship with snow, this time away from the busy streets of Manhattan, instead we decide to meet the snow in Central Park.

Below are the pictures… a much more joyful experience…


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