The Search for Authentic Mexican Food

Growing up with a Mexican father in South Florida is a challenge – a gastronomical challenge. We were constantly on a quest to find authentic Mexican food in a town dominated by Caribbean and South American culture. Let’s just say my dad was excited when they opened a Baja Fresh by his house (yes, sad I know… no offense Baja Fresh.)

Living in California had the added blessing of finding great Mexican food in every corner. Now, during my funemployment I rejoice in finding great Mexican cuisine in different cities.

In New York City I went to La Esquina. The three in one restaurant is a gem of great authentic Mexican food. We were lucky enough to get reservations for the posh down stairs hidden restaurant which you enter through the “Employees Only” door in the back of the tacqueria/taco stand.

By far my favorite item was a somewhat simple dish – grilled corn (aka Elotes Callejeros). The cheesy, crunchy fire roasted corn on the cob was mouth-watering and made me want to call my father immediately to tell him about the hidden NYC hot spot.

Below a picture of the item thanks to the internet. Also according to the internet the Elotes Callejeros are made by brushing them with chipotle mayonnaise, rolling them in finely grated sheep’s cheese (cotija cheese), sprinkle with a dry mix of chilli, paprika, ground pepitas and lime zest, and lastly a generous squeeze of fresh lime. Yum.


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