A Bilingual Governor

I’m in Miami, Florida for the first night of the Hispanic Leadership Network Conference (http://www.hispanicleadershipnetwork.org), an off-shoot of the American Action Network, aimed at ramping up GOP outreach efforts towards Latino voters.

Tonight’s speakers included Senator Norm Coleman, former Governor Jeb Bush, Former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, Florida State Senator Anitere Florez and Rob Collins. All whom spoke about the need for the GOP to connect with Latino voters.

The keynote was given by newly inaugurated Florida Governor Rick Scott, who broke out some Spanish phrases during his address. Governor Scott won over 50% of the Latino vote during his 2010 run for Governor of Florida.

Governor Scott highlighted the need to reach out to Latino voters and even talked about his new business cards, printed in English and Spanish.  Several reporters took pictures of the card to tweet and comment about it in stories (below).

Small gestures like these go a big way with Latino voters. Clearly, cards in Espanol are not enough, but they do signal that the newly elected Florida leader understands the importance of Hispanic voters in the very diverse state of Florida.


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