Navarrette: Self-Respecting Latinos Should Not Support Sen. Reid

Columnist Ruben Navarrette wrote a great piece titled “Harry Reid Doesn’t Speak For All Latinos.” Navarrete writes:

“Harry Reid can wonder all he wants about why any Hispanic could be a Republican. I’ve been wondering something myself: In light of such flagrant condescension and an obvious lack of regard, why would any self-respecting Hispanic – in Nevada or anywhere else – support Harry Reid?”

Navarrette says what I, and many other Latinos, have wondered in the days since the Senate Majority Leader’s idiotic statement – why would any self-respecting Hispanic voter, of any political parry, support Reid? The Nevada Senator’s has a long history of insensitive, idiotic and hypocritical statements. He has blocked immigration reform and then lies to the public about the reasons. His “I-know-better-then-you” attitude exemplifies his disconnect with voters, and especially Latinos.

Check out Navarrette’s full piece for other Reid gaffes, political hypocrisy and his real record with Latino issues.

Read full piece here.


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