Idiota Harry Reid: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

Harry Reid made an idiotic statement today as he spoke to a group of Latinos in his home state of Nevada. The Majority Leader said “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

This statement is beyond ludicrous, and is a racially/ethnically charged speech from a Majority Leader loosing support both nationally and in his home state of Nevada.

Maybe Reid is trying to hide his horrible record to his Democrat Latino voting base (rising unemployment, record foreclosures, broken education system), and has failed to bring up immigration reform. You should remember that Senator Reid was a key vote in killing the immigration reform debate in 2007. Instead, Reid bowed down to big labor, which is strongly against any form of comprehensive package and a guest worker program.

Reid is in a tough spot this election. He is caught in a tought re-election bid against Republican Sharron Angle and needs to pander to Latino Democrats in his home state as he has failed miserably as a Senator to deliver on many of his promises. In his role as Senate Majority Leader he has failed as well. President Obama promised to bring up immigration reform in his first year in office; yet Reid nor Obama have pushed for a vote. The the lack of immigration reform equals another campaign promise President Obama has broken. The numbers speak for themselves, the latest Gallup number shows that President Obama’s support among Hispanics is down from 69% in January to 48% now.

The irony of today’s statement is that it comes on the same day that Reid camp tried to push a bogus story about Angle’s relationship with the Latino press. I guess “King Harry,” as the Angle campaign has dubbed him, would prefer to tell Latinos what to do and take their vote for granted then do actual work on Latino issues.

The reality is that Latinos are a diverse ethnicity, many of which consider them selves conservative. The top issues with Hispanics continue to be jobs and the economy. While there are more registered Hispanic Democrats then Republicans, many would say the Latino vote is still up for grabs. Republicans have done a much better job of finding and supporting Hispanic leaders, and there are more Hispanic candidates, who are registered Republicans, currently running for office then ever before.

Maybe all of the anti-conservative Latino anger is really Harry Reid’s bitter feelings that a Hispanic Republican candidate, Brian Sandoval, is currently ahead in the polls against his son, Rory Reid, in the race for Nevada Governor. Sandoval is the first Hispanic candidate elected to statewide office in Nevada.


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