Marco Rubio & Latinos Takes On Harry Reid (UPDATED)

Marco Rubio, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, weighed in on the Senate Majority Leaders statement on Hispanic Republicans. Watch:

Read more here – POLITICO:Republican Hispanics Jump On Sen. Harry Reid


A flurry of candidates and Latino organizations have condemned Harry Reid’s divisive statements attacking the idea of conservative Latino voters. The Majority Leader, who has done little to discuss Latino issues in Nevada or across the nation, attacked anyone who, God forbid, disagreed with his political philosophy. Here are some statements from Hispanic Republicans:

The Hispanic Leadership Fund (LINK) President, Mario Lopez:

“The fact is, Harry Reid has accomplished nothing positive for Nevada and has offered little to the Hispanic community except government dependency, radical job-destroying economic policies, and direct attacks on our values exemplified by the taxpayer funding of abortions in Obamacare.  In fact, Harry Reid even voted for poison pill amendments to kill immigration reform in 2007.”

“Harry Reid wanting to anoint himself as some sort of authority on what it means to be Hispanic is the height of arrogance from an intellectually bankrupt politician.”

Jon Barela, Republican candidate for New Mexico’s First Congressional District:

“Senator Reid’s comments were completely off-base, and they reflect a misguided attitude among Democratic Party leaders that Hispanics can be taken for granted as automatic supporters of their far-left agenda. Hispanics in New Mexico, just like Americans of all backgrounds, are struggling through an economic downturn that continues to kill jobs. The Washington response – taxes, bailouts, and government spending – isn’t solving the problem; in fact, it’s stifling economic growth and creating mounds of debt for future generations to shoulder. Debt cannot be the legacy we leave to our children. We must instead pass on the unique and uplifting economic freedom and prosperity that was given to us, the very values that led me to the Republican Party in the first place. It is terribly condescending for Reid to take Hispanics for granted – especially as his agenda fails to renew America’s economic promise.”

Francisco Canseco, Republican candidate for Texas’ 23rd Congressional District:

“For Harry Reid to assume that the Hispanic community is one single voice is demeaning and insulting to the many hard working, Americans across our country who are of Hispanic decent.  It is racism, pure and simple.”  Canseco said. “As the son of Mexican immigrants, growing up my parents taught my siblings and me the values of hard work, self sufficiency and freedom.  Americans of Hispanic decent are Republicans and Democrats and every political persuasion in between.  I guess it’s offensive to Harry Reid that many Hispanics support lowering taxes for families, stopping wasteful government spending and ending the job killing policies Democrats are forcing on families and small businesses.  I believe that the Senate Majority Leader’s comments are not only offensive but sadly typical of the Democrat mindset in Washington.”


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