Young Latinos In The Digital Age

If you missed it, check out this report from the Pew Research Center – “How Young Latinos Communicate with Friends in the Digital Age.”

The study shows that young Latinos (ages 16 to 25) love their mobile technology and text messaging is their dominate form of communication. Clearly if organizations want to reach young Latino voters, they will have to become very creative on how to effectively use text messaging to communicate their ideas.

About 91% of Hispanic children are U.S. born and every year for the next two decades half a million Latinos will turn 18, and therefore becoming eligible to vote. Converting these potential voters into real voters is a great opportunity for political activists, but also an interesting challenge. In the 2008 presidential election over 3.5 million young Hispanic were eligible to vote, but only about 39% , just under 1.4 million cast a ballot. Roughly half of young Hispanic voters — those 18 to 24 years old — were not even registered to vote in 2008.

If politicians want to attract young Latino voters, they have to start working now because this voting block is only going to get much bigger in the coming years.


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