Growing Support Among Latinos For Arizona’s SB 1070

A CNN/Opinion Research Poll reports that a quarter of Hispanics support Arizona’s immigration law – SB 1070. Most Hispanics, 71%, oppose to the law. In contrast, 61% of white respondents are in favor of the Arizona law, while 34% oppose it. (NOTE: See breakdown below.) Check out the full report for some more interesting data – Full results [pdf]

The recent CNN poll also shows a new trend of growing support for the Arizona immigration law among Latinos when compared to previous polls, including the LatinoMetrics poll from earlier this summer. Co-sponsored by LULAC and Hispanic Federation, the LatinoMetrics poll demonstrated that eight in 10 Latinos disapprove of SB 1070 and 13% of Latinos support the law.

While most Latino groups have very publically opposed SB 1070, including organizing events, protests and calling for boycotts, some others are vocalizing their support of the law, including Arizona Latino Republican Association as reported by Politico. The ALRA is the first Hispanic organization to publicly challenge the Obama Administration in support of SB 1070.

The group’s chairman, Jesse Hernandez, born in the border town of Nogales and son of legal immigrants, has said that SB 1070 is a a states’ rights issues. “I’m challenging the Obama administration first and foremost. As a state, when the government fails to do their job, the state has the right to protect its boundaries and its citizens. It’s shameful that the Obama administration is wasting all these resources attacking legislation that is following standard immigration law,” said Hernandez.

The CNN poll and the LatinoMetrics poll both highlight some of the big concerns held by most Hispanics in regards to SB 1070, among them are an increase in discrimination, racial profiling and a possible increase in crime because a growing distrust of Latino communities and local law enforcement.  While the Arizona government passed an amendment to try to reduce public concerns of racial profiling, many feel the amendment does not fix the problem.

A majority of Americans in the CNN poll said the new SB 1070 law will lead to discrimination against Hispanics. In the LatinoMetrics poll 20% of those surveyed said they would be less likely to report a major crime such as assault, and 30% would be less likely report minor crimes such as theft if a SB 1070 type law passed in their state.

All these polls prove that the Latino community is very difference with varying ideologies depending on age and generation. Below is a breakdown of the CNN poll after the jump… Interesting views held by the different demographics.

CNN/Opinion Reasearch Poll on Latinos Attitudes on SB 1070

Hispanics     in favor   24%                  opposed   71%

Whites           in favor   61%                  opposed   34%

Generational Divide

Hispanics 50 years and older     in favor 45%

Hispanics younger than 50         in favor 17%

Gender Divide

Hispanic Women                   in favor 19%

Hispanic Men                         in favor 28%

Will SB 1070 Be Effective?

Hispanics who feel law will work   35%

Whites who feel law will work       50%

*The surveys overall sampling error is a plus or minus of 3 percentage points


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