Making Fun Of DC Interns

I loved this parody video “On The Metro,” which plays off of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro.” Yet, I realize this might only be funny if you have lived in DC and/or been annoyed by the hoards of summer Capitol Hill interns flashing their congressional I.D. badges like if they were medals of honor. Enjoy…

I was never a congressional intern. Though I was fortunate to receive a paid internship after graduation that helped give me a foot in the door, and led to my first real job. As a good 1st generation Latina I did not (was not allowed) to go away to college. When I left for D.C. post college graduation, it caused such a ruckus in my family that even my married cousin, 9 years my senior, was even semi-jealous of the liberties given to me. I was single and moving far away from my over protective large and loud Hispanic family. Given enough holy candles to make a small chapel jealous, a few bottles of holy water and Latin cookbooks my family drove me up to Washington D.C. Yet, with all my new-found freedom I never acted like the kids in this video…. Ay Dios Mio!!


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