I find myself once again working in California… this time only for weekend as I help my former employer, Citizens In Charge Foundation, as they co-host the 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in San Francisco.

My return to the Golden State made me want to take on blogging again.  I took a pause on personal blogging when I accepted became press secretary for Steve Poizner, Republican candidate for Governor in California. While we had a great run and I worked on one of the best campaign teams I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, we unfortunately lost the primary in June, outspent 3 to 1 by our opponent.

Often during the campaign I wished I could have blogged to offer a candid personal view of life on the campaign trail. The hectic schedule, the constant traveling, the rapid response and the unique nature of California all could have made a juicy blog. (The campaign did have an official twitter and facebook, regularly blogged and posted pictures on flickr .)

Since the campaign ended, I took a cross-country road trip, taken thousands of pictures, picked up tanning as a hobby and constantly attempting to make the perfect pitcher of Sangria.

While I should have blogged throughout my cross-country road adventure, after the campaign I needed a break… from everything. I felt like a new person, finally unshackled from my blackberry for the first time in a year.

So now I will just pick up where I left off… So here I go again, trying to blog… for now here is a picture from the cross-country road trip. I’ll see if anyone can guess where it was taken. Hint: It was taken in California….