You’re a member of what???

I got a funny phone call from my father the other day about my mail. Due to my transient campaign lifestyle, and my recent move out west, I decided it was smarter to forward most of my mail to my parent’s home in Florida.

Yesterday, my dad called me to give me an update of some of the mail I had received at his home. After reading me the names of some magazines, fundraising letters from candidates and a few bills, my dad, in Spanish, says, “You received a letter from the N.R.A.!?”  

I said, “Oh, what does it say?”

My dad surprised by the letter says, “It’s about your membership … You’re a member of the N.R.A.???”

I laughed in response to his reaction, and said “Yes dad, I am. I joined last year.” We later talked about my “gunshot experience.”

Ha ha… My dad is never surprised. It was funny to hear his reaction. When was the last time you caught your parents off guard?


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