No Water, No Jobs, No Life

Recently, I went to the Sacramento Tea Party. A major issue on the agenda was California’s water crisis. I took a moment to interview some of the activists attending the event and asked them their thoughts on the water situation. Speaking to voters in English and Spanish, they told me what why they attended the Tea Party event.

If you’re wondering how does this impact you? Start looking at the food prices at your grocery store. A large part of America’s food comes from California’s Central Valley:

  • 36% of the nation’s total acreage of non-citrus fruits.
  • 21% of the nation’s total acreage of citrus fruits.
  • 49% of the nation’s total acreage of nuts.
  • 10% of the nation’s total acreage of vegetables.
  • 17% of the nation’s milk cows.CADustBowl

Take action today by signing this online petition, reading Steve’s plan and using the hashtag #WaterNow on Twitter.

NOTE: I serve as Press Secretary for the Steve Poizner for Governor Campaign.


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  1. I am curious about your impression of the water bond. I do not believe that it is necessary or will solve the basic population vs. agriculture ratio problem. I am from the Los Angeles area and I do not get why the land owners in the area do not have water rights. Is the water table in the area so depleted or low they cannot provide for there own irrigation ?

    In this area, (The San Fernando Valley), not to long ago agriculture was wiped out buy real estate developers. My real thought is the same scenario is being repeated in the central part of the state. If this is in fact happening everything possible should be done to stop it. The land when used for agriculture can be productive for ever when treated with some respect, if taken for industry/technology/housing, it is ruined. If you want to see the reality of what I think is being done look at Sylmar, Chatsworth, or any one of hundreds of other areas which are now essentially non productive ex-communities.

    Thank You.

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