Hispanic Republican Runs For IL Senate Seat

All eyes are on Illinois as people try to figure what will happen with the controversial Illinois Senate seat. A Latino Republican has thrown his hat into the race, Robert S. Enriquez. Below is the release announcing his candidacy.

This would be a great way to diversify the Senate who is loosing its only Hispanic Republican with the resignation of Florida’s Senator Mel Martinez.

Hispanic in Illinois Republican bid for US Senate to be at RNHA Convention in Washington, DC


Aurora, IL – A Hispanic born in Honduras has announced his intention to capture the nomination of the Republican Party for US Senate.It’s the first time in Illinois history a Hispanic American has made a bid for that post as a Republican and he is asking party loyalists throughout the state to sign his petition for a primary ballot slot.

Robert S. Enriquez was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1956 and came to the United States at age 13. Since then he has obtained a BS in Management, an MBA in International Marketing and lead business ventures around the world. In one professional assignment, Mr. Enriquez successfully brought automotive manufacturing capability back from Mexico to Glendale Heights, Illinois. He strongly believes everything is possible in our country.

Immediately after receiving an undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University, Mr. Enriquez decided to “give back to the country which has given me so much” and promptly joined the United States Marine Corps as a second lieutenant. “During the early 1980’s” said Enriquez, “the Reagan administration was keenly interested in the Americas.”When the Marine Corps discovered his language abilities, the orders came for him to participate in strategic exercises, including expeditionary units, simultaneous interpretation/advising as well as command of combat‐ready Marines – in Honduras and other locations. “It’s unfortunate we are losing ground in the Americas, and that trend must cease before dictators turn their scheming words into bullets against our friends in the region.” Mr. Enriquez is a graduate of the USMC Command and Staff College in Washington, DC and has received specialized training for NATO officers in Europe.

Subsequent to his military experience for our country, Mr. Enriquez obtained an MBA from Baldwin‐Wallace College in Cleveland and began a career as an international executive for fortune firms. “I have traveled millions of miles and can tell you for certain this is the greatest country in the world but it needs less government” he said. “That’s why I’m asking for 10,000 signatures; my intention with this campaign is, as I have always done, to heed the call of the framers of our Constitution:that people from all walks of life should serve our country with strength, faith and honor to our core beliefs. And if you have to put your life or career on the line on principle, then do it!”

A Republican since age 18, Enriquez is taking a leave of absence from his local college position to run and has two aims with his candidacy: “To win in February and November, 2010 and to say a thing or two on what true Republicans have always known – small businesses and low taxes sustain the economic miracle that keeps our nation in the leadership role it must have. We must relieve the tax burden on our small businesses.” An added goal is to improve the image of the Party with every constituency – particularly Hispanics, which will be a growing factor in all elections for the next 50 years. “I say let’s get our share of a fantastic demographic, even as we enthusiastically grow every other,” he added.

Also Illinois Human Rights Commissioner, Enriquez adjudicates complaints under the Illinois Human Rights Act. “It’s a profound responsibility to insure our State and country live up what is correct in human rights. We must tell the world to mind its record on Human Rights, even as we mind our own.” In many countries he has visited, there is little regard for women, children and the disenfranchised, said Enriquez. He added: “To get a copy of my petition for signatures, please go to my webpage and download several on August 4th, fill them out and mail them in to us.”


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