George Strait Is “El Rey” As He Sings In Spanish

George Strait’s new album “Twang” features a very popular tune for any lover of Mexican food or Mexican culture. He sings an entire song in Spanish, the famous Mexican classic “El Rey.”

Personally I love it. He sounds pretty darn good in his rendition of José Alfredo Jiménez‘s tune made famous by the king of Mexican music, Vicente Fernandez. I grew up listening to these Mexican rancheras. My father would put the record on the record player and we would all chant and sing joyously. Especially when my family was down on our luck we would repeat the chorus of  the song. My mom would tell us if we want something bad enough, and work hard, we could make anything happen.

Con dinero y sin dinero.
Yo hago siempre lo que quiero.
Y mi palabra es la ley.
No tengo trono ni reina.
Ni nadie que me comprenda.
Pero sigo siendo el rey.

The Spanish lyrics above basically means (NOTE: not a perfect translation), with or without money, we will continue doing what we want and my word is the law. I don’t have a thrown or a queen, or anyone who understands me, but I continue being the king.



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