What Will Charlie Crist Do?

Last week Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) announced he was resigning from the Senate. Martinez is the only Hispanic Republican in the Senate. His decision to depart from the upper chamber of Congress a year early has created alot of speculation of what Florida Governor Charlie Crist will do to fill a seat he himself is seeking.

We are almost positive he will not appoint his current primary rival Marco Rubio to the seat. Rubio, the former Speaker of the Florida House, is a young Hispanic conservative with incredible potential and charisma. He has garnered a huge amount of grassroots support, a strong online following and a lot of media attention. For all of these reasons and more, it is highly unlikely Governor Crist will appoint Rubio and give him the upper hand during the Republican primary next year.

Many names have been thrown around and recently Time Magazine did an article with their own predictions / recommendations for the prematurely open seat. Included in the list of Florida State Representative Anitere Flores. The young Latina is currently running for the Florida Senate (she currently represents district 114 in the House but is term limited.)

Time Magazine writes:

Another is GOP state representative Anitere Flores of Miami. Flores, the current deputy majority leader, is only 32, and she’s the legislature’s only Hispanic female — which itself is a comment on both the Democratic and the Republican parties in Florida. Flores, who has also been mentioned as a possible candidate for lieutenant governor in 2010, would draw the younger, female and Hispanic voters the GOP lacks, but as a strong social conservative, she could help Crist with Florida’s right wing.

While we can all speculate who the new Senator from Florida might be, the final decision is in the hands of the Governor. Will Crist appoint himself? (He has said he will not.) Will Crist appoint a strong candidate who might serve as healthy competition for him in the primary? Or Will Crist appoint a week candidate to be a place holder for him until the election?

Sayfie Review is currently hosting a poll to find out what people think asking: Who will Crist appoint to replace Martinez? Results to be announced Friday, August 14 exclusively at SayfieReview.com Make sure to cast your vote. I know I will…


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