Welcome to California

After five days of driving, we finally made it to California. The ride from Salt Lake City, UT to Sacramento, CA was amazing as my dad and I could see the very apparent changes in terrain.  The desert, the mountains, the farming fields, and everything in between. A small reminder of the grander of America.

My dad and I were very happy to get to our destination. By Friday, we were just so tired. We were exhausted of driving (though he did most of it). We were tired of eating in the car and always on the run. Most of all, we just wanted to get out of being cramped in small car, with very little options on the radio. Tip to self, get satellite radio…. I only had one CD, Mexican Rancheras in honor of my father, and even he couldn’t listen to one more note without going crazy.

IMG_1037Above, Salt Lake City


Above, Dad standing in front of the Great Salt Lake

IMG_1069The road ahead, only 8.5 hours of driving to go…

IMG_1086Dad standing in the salt desert

In general, we had a smooth ride until we accidentally realized I was having tire trouble. During a pit stop for fuel in rural Nevada we noticed the front tires where looking really bad! The gas station mechanic offered to help us change one of the worse-off tires for the spare in my trunk. Yet, the thought of emptying my over-stuffed trunk made me cringe. I had spent over two hours strategically placing each item in my car’s small truck to maximize space. A small pillow wouldn’t fit in there. There was no way I was going to empty out everything to see if the spare tire would work during the last part of the trip. I instantly asked how much a new tire would cost…


Now, $500 poorer, but much safer, my dad and I got back on the road to finish the last few hours through the desert en route to California. My father, the professional bus driver, said the old tires must have taken a bad beating during the 3,000+ mile trip. He agreed I needed new ones, to be on the safe side. I’m glad we stopped at that gas station, as another place (without a mechanic) would not have noticed the tires. These guys probably overcharged me for two tires but I was happy to pay when they found a HUGE gash in the inner wall of my front right tire. We wouldn’t have noticed it until the tire exploded. Considering that I was going to be driving through the hot desert for a few hours I thanked God I bought overpriced tires in the middle of nowhere. Better than waiting for AAA for four hours or worse, deal with a serious accident.

As we continued down the road and through Nevada we finally we got to California. My new home!



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