Sen Hatch Says “I’m Sorry” To Latinos, Votes No On Sotomayor

Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch was basically asking for forgivness from Latinos for voting no on Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor. The Senator said he had fundamental difference with the nominee.

Utah has a large Hispanic population. In 2007 over 12% of the residents in the state were of Latino decent. Many are wondering if this vote will impact Senator Hatch in his home state. discusses the Senator’s position, Judge Sotomayor and asks “Why is the GOP slighting Hispanics? The author, Gabee Martinez, writes:

As Hispanics are on the verge of seeing one of their own reach the high court, and as they hold the ear of the Obama White House on critical issues like immigration reform, Republicans in Congress have yet to show any real qualms about voting against the political or policy interests of Hispanics.

Even though Republicans suffered mightily at the hands of Hispanic voters in 2008, they are trying to mount a political comeback without any obvious concern about this bloc of voters.

Instead, some Republicans think the better strategy at this stage of the game is to court the party’s conservative base — the very core of the shrunken GOP — which would rather antagonize than consider top Latino priorities.

In the Sotomayor nomination fight, the opposition of the National Rifle Association has weighed more heavily than any sense of history being made with the confirmation of the first Hispanic associate justice. The full Senate vote on Sotomayor, scheduled for this week, will draw far fewer than the 15 or so Republican votes

that Democrats had hoped to pick up.


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