California GOP Needs Help Reaching Out

Interesting piece on the demographics on the California GOP from AP: Makeup of Calif. GOP lags state’s ethnic diversity.

The California GOP is not keeping up with the diversity of the state. State GOP chairman Ron Nehring has implemented a state wide strategy and has made broadening the reach of the Republican Party in the state one of his top priorities. “Absolutely, the Republican Party cannot become a governing majority in California without dramatically increasing its reach into communities where we have underperformed in the past.”

The article states:

A new Field Poll illustrates the changing face of California and its electorate since 1978, providing a wide snapshot of a state in transition. It also shows how the California GOP has changed at a much slower pace over that time.

The party has increased its share of Hispanics, blacks, Asians and others since 1978, when those groups accounted for just 7 percent of the GOP, but the changes have lagged shifts in the state’s overall diversity, according to the poll released Tuesday.

Presently, about 79 percent of Republican Party members are white, even as whites in California’s population have dropped from 69 percent in 1978 to less than 43 percent, according to the Field Poll.


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