Geraldo Rivera has written a new book,  “The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity.” According to the Today Show the book “details the evolving role of Hispanics in shaping every facet of American culture.”  You can read an excerpt of the book here. The Great Progression.small

The award-winning journalist of Puerto Rican and Jewish decent brings up some interesting figures in his book, including predicting that Latinos will be compose the majority of America’s population.

“In 1950, there were 5 million Latinos. Today, there are more than 46 million. And the recent downturn in illegal immigration due to the lack of good construction jobs in our faltering economy will only marginally slow the pace….”

“If current trends hold, 25 percent of the U.S. population will be Hispanic by 2040, and by the end of the twenty-first century, the United States will be a majority-Hispanic country. Put another way, there are people alive today who will be around to watch America take its place as the world’s largest Hispanic country by population. Perhaps more surprisingly, it is already number two behind just Mexico and already ahead of Spain.”

Rivera, who regularly appears on Fox News, talks about the power of Latino voters and how they express their power at the ballot box. Using the 2008 election as an example he writes how Hispanic Americans, upset at the negative rhetoric of some immigration extremists, who unfortunately sometimes identify with Republicans,  voted down conservatives and helped Obama to victory.

“…Meantime, real-world Hispanic American citizen voters looked around and realized how insulting the conversation had become. In November 2008, Latinos made the Republican Party pay, and the price was steep: control of Congress and the White House. In record numbers Hispanics voted and in the end made a major, if not the decisive difference in the elections. By several sober analyses, including my own, there but for almost 12 million Hispanic voters John McCain would be president. But “I told you so” is not what this is about. The surge of Latino voters happened and, in a larger societal sense, is happening, and this book is about what that means.”

I haven’t read Rivera’s book yet. I do look forward to learning more about his point of view.

Like many I believe that Latinos can, and will, connect with the Republican party, but it will take hard work from all in the GOP. Latinos and Republicans have a lot of issues in common –  improving economic opportunities, the power of small business to create jobs, creating more educational choices, and understanding that the most important unit is the family.

I look forward to the 2010 and 2012 races to see how politicians on the right side of the political spectrum connect with Latino voters. It’s important for candidates and elected officials to talk about immigration reform. Especially the need for safe, legal immigration without insulting the millions of  immigrants, and their descendants, working and voting in this country.


Recently, I went to the Sacramento Tea Party. A major issue on the agenda was California’s water crisis. I took a moment to interview some of the activists attending the event and asked them their thoughts on the water situation. Speaking to voters in English and Spanish, they told me what why they attended the Tea Party event.

If you’re wondering how does this impact you? Start looking at the food prices at your grocery store. A large part of America’s food comes from California’s Central Valley:

John Gizzi, the Political editor from Human Events, wrote some very kind words about me and my move out west to work on the Poizner race in his column, Gizzi on Politics:

And Bettina’s Going West, Too: Another press secretary well-liked by reporters and conservatives in general is going to the West Coast. Bettina Inclan, who just finished a stint handling communications for Citizens In Charge (which is devoted to protecting the initiative and referendum process), has been tapped as press secretary for State Insurance Commissioner and 2010 gubernatorial hopeful Steve Poizner. Long active in the Hispanic Republican Committee, Inclan has been executive director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and top spokesman for the House Republican Policy Committee. Before joining Citizens in Charge, Inclan was press secretary to conservative Rep. Thad McCotter (R.-Mich.).

If you haven’t meet John Gizzi you are missing out. He is a true gentleman, the kind of man they don’t make anymore. He is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and makes a great dinner companion.

Read Gizzi’s work here.

On my new job I travel. I travel a lot!… in the few weeks that I’ve been with the Steve Poizner for Governor campaign I’ve learned the importance of packing light. Yet, that rule doesn’t apply to my tech needs. Being the new media junkie that I am, I feel the need to document everything. My over sized purse looks like I ransacked Radio Shack, with enough electronics, tripods and laptops for an entire army of techno-geeks. While I might end up having back problems from the ridiculous amount of hardware stuffed in my purse, I usually love the end product.

Here is our team’s,  @TeamPoizner,  latest creation:


We first posted on twitvid and then the staff posted it on YouTube.  Thoughts?

Last night I received this message on Facebook, alerting that U.S. Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) will not seek the open U.S. Senate seat:

“Congressman Diaz-Balart Informs Governor Crist that He will not be submitting Senate QUESTIONNAIRE

Miami, FL – Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) issued the following statement Monday evening, August 17, 2009:

“I have informed Governor Charlie Crist this evening that I will not be submitting the Questionnaire for appointment to the Senate he kindly asked me to consider submitting. It was a great honor to be considered by Governor Crist for appointment to the United States Senate. I thank him for his kind gesture of confidence. After giving the Governor’s request serious consideration and deliberation, I have decided to remain in the U.S. House of Representatives fighting for the causes which I deeply believe in.”

The Miami Herald has more information: Lincoln Diaz-Balart: I don’t want Senate seat

This was my first weekend alone in Sacramento, CA. I am trying to see all that the city has to offer. Here is some photos from Discovery Park.  It’s a large 160 acre park at the heart of Sacramento. The American and Sacramento rivers meet here. I spent most of my Sunday running and working at the park. Another beautiful day in California…






Today the drama continues on what will happen with Florida’s open Senate seat, vacated by Senator Mel Martinez. One blogger believes Anitere Flores is the right person for the job. In post: Crist’s No-Brainer: Anitere Flores for U.S. Senate.

Flores, a 32 year-old Cuban-American conservative, expressed her interest in the job to Crist last Wednesday – and while I was shocked to hear that a young rising star would be interested in serving one year as a caretaker Senator, the idea of putting her in the Senate struck me as a fantastic idea and the strongest move that Crist could make.

Think about this, by appointing the young spit fire, Crist sends somebody to Washington who will provide a strong, dynamic voice for Florida in Martinez’s absence. He also puts someone in the seat who is clearly not a “caretaker”, but rather launching the career of a woman who would likely remain a strong player in Florida – and potentially come back to unseat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in 2012. And, of course, there’s the chance to appoint the first Latina ever to serve in the Senate and take a bite out of Rubio’s Cuban-American base in South Florida.

I still am a Marco Rubio fan but find this new drama in the race very interesting. The post also mentions my old boss, Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart as a possible candidate.

We know that the Governor is already considering making an unexpected move by asking Lincoln Diaz-Balart to apply – as he is relatively young, Hispanic, and conservative. Diaz-Balart also happens to be Marco Rubio’s congressman and would offer Rubio a chance to run a more winnable race for U.S. House were  his seat to open up.

The Miami Herald also has a post on the case for a possible Senator Lincoln Diaz-Balart and what that would mean for south Florida politics.

Ana Navarro, a powerful lobbyist and fundraiser for South Florida made the case for Senator Lincoln Diaz-Balart:

“He’s the one guy who would hit the ground running and not need a map to find the Capitol. He’s a fiscal conservative and a social conservative who is also viewed as a Hispanic leader nationally, so Charlie could score some points with the Hispanic community that he just antagonized by opposing the Sotomayor nomination. It’s a must-win community for him in Florida.”

Stay tuned for more stories and updates. But we all know the final decision on how to fill the Senate seat will be whatever Crist thinks will make him look best….