Yes my phone rings ALOT, most of the time its my parents!

I have a big phone plan. The reason is because clearly I get alot of phone calls. Most of those calls come from one of my parents, family members, extended family members and my  “sisters” from back home.

Not only do I have a big family but I basically have three parents. My mom, my dad and my step-mother (my dad and my-step mother have been together since I was 11 years old.) I talk to them often and in my Latin world this is normal. To my non-Latin boyfriend, this is not normal.

My boyfriend once told me he hadn’t talk to his parents for a month while in college. If I ever attempted to do that the national guard would have been called to find me. All my parents, several cousins, extended family and friends would have flown, driven or hitch-hiked to where ever I might be to find me. If my grandmother was still be alive, she would probably light several candles, force everyone to pray many rosaries, and be the one leading the search party with some holy water in her hand.

Recently I stumbled upon a blog post from Tiki-Tiki Blog which highlights this Hispanic reality. Here is a video and a link to her post.

This video is so true. I must admit that my parents aren’t this bad. We have “Americanized” and the calls are less, but still long.

When my boyfriend and I first started dating  I think the frequent calls to my parents and extended family bothered my non-Latino boyfriend. I bet it didn’t help that most of my phone calls occurred in Spanish while standing a few feet away from my boyfriend. I know…. but Spanish is the native tongue of my parents. Also, half the time I am was talking about my boyfriend and didn’t want him to know everything I was saying. (He is probably reading this right now – I love you baby! 🙂 )

Almost three years later, I still make long phone calls in Spanish. My boyfriend still thinks its “interesting” how much I “have to” talk to my family. And I will continue watching tiki-tiki blog’s youtube video and be happy my mom isn’t like that anymore.


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