Moving Sucks

movingIn the last 7 years I have moved six times!! Sometimes twice in one year. By now I have learned to save all the boxes from the last move just in case. So with only seven months of living back in DC from my return from Florida, now I am moving to the West cost.

There is nothing fun about moving. The only good thing is that I am a pack rat and these moves forces me to throw stuff out. I have also learned the big difference between a necessity and a luxury.

A few pair of shoes for different outfits = a necessity.
75 pair of shoes for every color combination possible = a luxury.

As of today I am donating two bags of clothes and one bag of purses and lightly used shoes to the good will. During the first move back to Florida I donated 5 bags of clothes.

With five days left to D-Day many things still need to be taken care of… URGHHHH. My biggest problem is how do I get my heavy stuff from D.C. to California. I don’t want movers, I heard toooooooooo many horror stories. Hence, I am thinking about a pod or shipping boxes. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Off to make my list and check it twice! Pray for me!



  1. Hi Bettina, found my way to this blog via your twitter post, I am looking for a place in ccity. Please contact me with details duckwitz at gmail dot com

  2. Bettina, I know how you feel. When I moved from Silver Spring to San Jose, I worried as well. I lucked out when I found American Red Ball International ( They where quick and all my stuff was in tact. If you can, ask for Joseph Cavenough. It believe that what his name is. He is a really good and doesn’t waste anytime.

    I wish you the best on your move and hope it goes as smooth as mine did. BTW, where are you moving to?

    Carlos Rafael Cruz

    Author of: The Big Book on Achieving LARGE GOALS
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