My First Shotgun Experience…

IMG_6453On Saturday, after the end of the ALEC conference, my co-worker and I went skeet-shooting. Traveling 35 miles outside of Atlanta we went on an organized trip to the Cherokee Rose Sporting Resort. For the first time in my life I shot a gun, a shotgun at that. I learned first hand what skeet-shooting was (one of the three types of competitive shotgun shooting at targets). I learned the basics of handling a gun, gun safety and found out what is my dominate eye.

Armed with protective goggles, earplugs and several instructors I learned to shoot two types of shotguns. Unlike my stepmother I didn’t fall flat on my butt the first time, but I do have a nasty bruise on my shoulder from the gun’s kick back. (Oh and boy what a kick back!!) It was a great experience. I am no longer intimidated by guns. In fact I want to take a few more lessons and know more about gun safety and protection.

Here are a few pictures from the adventure.


The Cherokee Rose is such a beautiful and massive location!


The resident instructor is Casey Atkinson (sitting on the picnic table with a white polo.) She is the first lady to attain the national ranking of Master class shooter and was also the first woman inducted into the National Sporting Clays Association Hall of Fame in 2005.  She had competed in numerous National and International competitions and has been an NSCA All-American.


I didn’t do too bad my first time out, hitting a few of the targets. I learned to handle two types of shotguns, both 20 gauge, a breech loading double barrel and a semi-automatic. Pictured above is me during my second round of skeet shooting. I have bad form but the guy from Beretta helped me out and taught me about my dominate eye and not to push my face down. The problem is I were glass and am near sighted so I don’t really know which is my dominate eye.


Our team went to the 12 different post around the restort in a cool golf cart.
IMG_6453Here I am doing alot better… still need more practice but I LOVE this picture.



Right after the resort we went straight to the airport. Thanks Atlanta for the memories… Special thanks to the NASC for the experience!


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  1. Awesome! I take my daughters trap shooting they love it…But they love the power of shooting a 45 handgun even more…Glad you enjoyed it.

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