A Trip To Turner Field

During my trip to Atlanta for the ALEC conference we took in a game at Turner Field to see the Braves. I love baseball games! I grew up going to my dad’s baseball games. His office team would play against other companies and it was the highlight of my summer. My father tired to teach me to play but my hand eye coordination leaves something to be desired. We both realized I am much better at watching baseball than playing baseball.  Here are some fun pictures at Atlanta Braves game.



I am pictured above with New Hampshire State Representative Marilinda Garcia (R). This rising young star is only 26 years old and has a incredibly impressive resume. She was first elected to the State House at the age of 23. A graduate of Tufts, she currently attends Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She is a strong conservative running on a platform of limited government and no new taxes. Support her at her web site http://www.elect-mari.com/


IMG_6423Pictured above with the men of Americans for Tax Reform, Kelly and Patrick. They were recently made famous by Right Wing News’ “The 10 Hottest New Media Guys On The Right.” (They might kill me for posting that link! hehe)



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