I’m Addicted And Now I Went To The Mega Supplier: World of Coke

A few weeks ago I decided to stop drinking all carbonated drinks, including my favorites: Diet Coke and Coke Zero. I did well for about a month but then it all went down hill. When I was in Germany I craved a Diet Coke or Cola Light, as the German’s call it, for a needed caffeine rush to deal with the time change. Now I drink a soda a few times a week.

Yesterday I was in soda heaven! I visited Coca-Cola’s World of Coke in Atlanta as part of the conference I am currently attending, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) annual meeting. We attended a private reception at the Coca-Cola building. The event was amazing! There was a gospel group, delicious food and all the soda your heart could ever desire. As promised, I went soda crazy and tasted almost every international flavor. Here are some pictures from Coca-Cola’s World of Coke.

IMG_6357In the museum portion revisiting decades of Coke memorabilia.



Tasting the Coca-Cola products of Africa. Some were great. Some were just awful. I am very happy to be an American after all the tastings.


A view of the “international” room at the World of Coke.

IMG_6365I took a picture with these super amazing talented children who were dancing and paying tribute to Micheal Jackson earlier in the evening during a music performance by a gospel group.

IMG_6368I am TOOOO happy to take a Coke bottle as my own little souvenir.


Getting ready for to see a 4-D movie where I learned the secret for making a Coca-Cola….. shhh not telling!


I hadn’t been to the World of Coke since I was a little girl. The first time I was in Atlanta was during the 1996 Olympics. I remember going to the Coke building with my brother and mom thinking it was the coolest place on earth. Over ten years later, still think its one of the coolest places on earth.



  1. Hey Bettina,
    You tried at least, right! I had a tough time getting away from Pepsi, and that is not even as strong as Coke! Nice trip you were on, great photos. Some people have all the fun.


    1. Haha thanks for the comment…. i have never been a Pepsi fan. I like the original! 🙂 happy you like the site… hope to hear more from you

  2. It always amazes me to see that many people are still ignorant about history. So much for the commercial potential of this coca-cola image would anybody have suspected that this harmless soft drinks giant from Atlanta, Georgia collaborated with the Nazi-regime throughout its reign from 1933 to 1945 and sold countless millions of bottled beverages to Hitler’s Germany? How much do you enjoy drinking Coca-cola again?

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