Miguel Estrada Bypasses Sototmayor, Takes On Honduras

Yesterday in round one of the Sonia Sotomayor Senate confirmation hearings many Republican Senators mentioned Miguel Estrada. The talented Harvard educated lawyer was once up for Senate confirmation himself.

These days Estrada is less worried about confirmation hearings and more focused about the political situation of Honduras, his homeland. He has analyzed the constitution and stated that while Zelaya’s arrest was “legal, and rather well justified to boot,” his exile was not.

The biggest mistake the press is making when describing the situation is saying it is a military coup. What is happening in Honduras is NOT a military coup. Estrada explains why. In an editorial published in the Los Angeles Times: Honduras’ Non-Coup he writes:

Something clearly has gone awry with the rule of law in Honduras — but it is not necessarily what you think. Begin with Zelaya’s arrest. The Supreme Court of Honduras, as it turns out, had ordered the military to arrest Zelaya two days earlier. A second order (issued on the same day) authorized the military to enter Zelaya’s home to execute the arrest. These orders were issued at the urgent request of the country’s attorney general. All the relevant legal documents can be accessed (in Spanish) on the Supreme Court’s website. They make for interesting reading…

It is also worth noting that only referendums approved by a two-thirds vote of the Honduran Congress may be put to the voters. Far from approving Zelaya’s proposal, Congress voted that it was illegal.

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  1. I find your statement amusing; Miguel Estrada bypasses Sonia Sotomayor. Putting all focus on Sonia Sotomayor’s impressive academic and diverse personal background with a judicial experience. If you must write an article is require analyzing your subject carefully before uttering any contradicting statement. Miguel Estrada background didn’t impress Democrats, His ability to provide democrats with enough information on his legal positions never transpire. Miguel Estrada was rejected as a circuit court judge because he was essentially without any record at all as a judge in comparison with Sonia Sotomayor long and strong records as a judge as well as a prosecutor. In the blogging world you need more than a pretty face. You need brains, and the ability to analyze and investigate your subject carefully. I’m sure you are Republicans.

  2. I’m totally surprise with all your credentials as a political operative. To write a comment like that goes against every logical attribute you may have.

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