My Brother’s Fashion Inspiration Was Michael Jackson

It’s been a few days since the iconic Michael Jackson passed away. Though he still dominates the news. I won’t go into some long in-depth tribute about his contributions to pop culture/ music/ changing the world… yada, yada, yada. Still I did want to come through with a statement I made on twitter. Last week I wrote that I would post a picture of my little brother and I dressed in Michael Jackson outfits.

Like most children of the 1980’s my brother and I loved Michael Jackson. We would beg our parents to put the album on the record player. I remember fighting with my brother on who would put down the needle on the record to start the song. (old school!) As soon as the song started all sibling bickering would end as we would run around the house singing the songs and acting out whatever lyrics we understood.

I couldn’t find the exact picture but this will have to do. As you could see from the photo we were totally rocking the ‘80s fashion. I’m wearing the leg warmers and holding a Cabbage Patch Kid as I celebrate my birthday. My brother has his official MJ outfit, which included an official Michael Jackson jacket (not pictured). Completing the look my brother also had an official MJ sequence glove.


Listening to Michael Jackson’s music makes me remember much simpler times when my biggest worry was cleaning my messy room and figuring out how to beat my brother in our next battle of He-Man versus She-Ra.

I now live some thousands miles away from my family. I don’t talk to my brother as much as I would like to but every time I listen to MJ it’s like a time machine back home. Thanks to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 for many great memories…


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