Introducing Ted Cruz

Let me introduce you to Ted Cruz, if you haven’t been privileged to met him already. Currently Ted is the only Republican running for Texas Attorney General. He has already raised $1 million since February 2009.  National Review recently did a profile on him :

Cruz is in an inspiration for others. While Texas is seen as a red state with a involved Hispanic community, elected Hispanic Republicans are a rarity. Texas only has two state-wide elected Republican Hispanics and absolutely no Republican Hispanics in the State House or Senate.

A friend of mine Gerardo wrote an email highlighting Ted Cruz and the reality of Texas Politics:

We need more Hispanics elected into office that can serve as an inspiration in order to recruit the next generation of voters.  I have also included a link to an analysis below of what the Democrats plan to accomplish in Texas in the coming years.  In fact, the DNC has already announced that they will be holding their annual meeting in Austin, Texas this year.  If we are not able to elect Republicans like Ted in Texas, the national Republican Party may soon be in the minority for a lot longer than we realize.

Please support Ted Cruz at


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