Today Accuracy in Media released a report detailing exactly how much President Barack Obama has allocated in New and Old Media in his new White House. The answer is A LOT. Using the White House annual salary report Accuracy In Media calculated the White House has 66 staffers involved in communications, with about 11-13 person dedicated to New Media. The Obama White House Communications team costs over $100,000 a week and about $5 million a year to get the “O” message out to a hopeful America.

From Accuracy In Media:

Although other staffers undoubtedly did work on the White House website and other Internet projects, Bush’s dedicated new media team appears to have consisted of two people-a specialty media director who earned $84,000 a year and a website assistant who earned $34,000.

By contrast, Obama has the 11 employees in the Office of Public Engagement and another nine aides with titles such as new media director, new media creative director, deputy director of video and e-mail content/design lead. Those nine earn nearly $700,000 a year combined.

Read more. Figures, I honestly think one of the Bush White Houses’ biggest mistakes was not being more aggressive with media and especially online media. Clearly Obama is trying to avoid that problem.


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