Jeb Bush Pushes for Immigration Reform

The Miami Herald is reporting that Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, is in D.C. this week pushing for immigration reform. Co-Chairing a report sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, he is calling for a path to legalization for illegal immigrants.

The Miami Herald’s Naked Politics writes:

The task force — co-chaired by Bush and Mack McLarty, former President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff — argues that “the failure to reform immigration laws and procedures threatens to harm America’s economy, jeopardize its diplomacy, and weaken its national security.”

The report urges Congress and the Obama administration to undertake a new effort with three central components: “the creation of a more efficient legal immigration system that responds to labor market needs and enhances U.S. competitiveness; a strong enforcement regime that secures U.S. borders and ends the hiring of unauthorized workers; and a program of earned legalization that will offer an
opportunity for many illegal immigrants to earn the right to remain in the United States.”


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