Germany Day 2: Guten Morgen from the Baltic Sea

“Hallo” and “Guten Morgen” to you from the lovely northern city of Lübeck, Germany.

Today is day two of my European excursion. For those that don’t know I am doing a trip with the Freidrich Nauman Foundation, which is a separate but affiliated group of Germany’s Free Democrat Party (FDP). This study and information tour for young American political professionals looks at Germany’s economic and political challenges and opportunities.

The foundation brings together a very diverse, very eclectic group of politicos from all across the country and political spectrum. I think sometimes the only thing we have in common is that we are all Americans and have an interest in learning more about Germany. The occasional German stein of beer probably helps find common ground as well. All in all day one and our tour of downtown Lübeck was amazing.  I have posted some pictures for your enjoyment.

Lübeck is a just north of Hamburg and borders the Baltic Sea. It is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The people here are very proud of the city’s old heritage. It was a member of the Hanseatic League and in the 14th century it was considered the queen of the League, as it was by far the biggest and most prosperous port.

This port city was the first to be bombed substantially by Allied Forces during World War II. Vast parts of historic Lübeck were destroyed. Three of the four main churches were burned down. We visited some of the churches. It is amazing to see how they were able to reconstruct from the ashes.

It is now 6:58 am here and 12:58 am EST. The hardest part of this entire trip is defiantly the time change. I went to bed at about 11:00 pm Lübeck time, which is 5:00 pm. I figured the execution would do me in. I was wrong the huge change in time has taken a toll on me. The red bull I took last night in order to keep up with the crowd probably didn’t help.

Today we are going to meet with locals including high school students, government officials  and local leaders…. more news to come.

IMG_5000Above: Parade in Lubeck


Above: Downtown Lubeck


Above and below: One of the main churches in Lubeck. It was destroyed in the war. Below is the bells of the cathedral that came tumbeling down during the Allied Forces bombing of the area. IMG_5141


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