Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today I leave to Germany! I will be taking off in a few short hours and my suite case still looks like this:


Procrastination anyone?

Oh well, here are some good morning reads:

Hispanics Online: No Más E-Barrios: The US Hispanic Internet  population has seen incredible growth in the last few years. This year it will grow another 8%. Check out graphs on trends, favorite markets and the forever debate English or Spanish?

Utah leaders discuss Sutherland Institutes report on SB81: A conservative think tank shocks many with a report asking for the repeal of a new law that allows local law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal immigrants breaking federal immigration laws. The group states the law will  increase crime.

A Mother Pleads For Her Son’s Life: A 75 year old mother makes an international plea to save the life of her son who is in deteriorating conditions in a Cuban jail. The government will not give him treatment. He is part of the 2003 “Black Spring” crackdown. The video is heart wrenching.



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