Republican Women Network the Network

Yesterday I spoke at the Republican National Committee’s Women’s Interactive Network Summit. Joined by dear friends Cathrine Favazza and Dr. Mellisa Clouthier we discussed how women can use new media as a communications tool and to increase political engagement. We were invited by RNC’s Director of New Media Todd Herman. He was also our emcee extraordinaire creating an incredibly interactive conversation and even posting questions on twitter during the panel discussion. Here are some pictures of the event.


Above: A room full of beautiful and smart Republican women eager to learn and lead.


Above: Katie, Melissa and I getting ready to speak to a packed room on how easy it is to get on-line.


Above: Sharon Day the Secretary of the Republican National Committee introducing the panel.



Above: It’s Sharon’s birthday and one of her colleagues from Hawaii presents her with a lei.


Above: More panel pictures, we twittered during the entire event.


Above: Melissa and I in Todd’s office sitting on Nancy Regan’s couch. This red and white sofa once sat in the White House picked out by Nancy Regan herself.

The event was amazing. It was energizing to see so many smart, gutsy and engaged women interested in taking charge and ready to teach others about political technology. They asked poignant questions on where to start, how to learn more, and what platforms are best to use. Our panel session was not enough time to answer all the questions but we did start an amazing conversation. I am very confident in Todd Herman who is taking the RNC in an exciting new direction. In addition to his millions of projects, he is planning on creating some great educational resources for activists about new media.

The one thing that resonated the most is that all us who have learned how the “internets” works must do a better job of teaching others.

Again thank you to Todd Herman and the entire staff at the RNC for putting this great event together. Also thanks to Melissa and Katie. It is always great to work you such brilliant women.


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