Immigration… a never ending circle

Immigration is always a hot issue. This is an old video from 2006 but I still think its funny… thoughts…

Please take note of the “Yes We Can” banner. This video is from 2006. For those who don’t know, Obama and his people weren’t so original that they created the popular campaign slogan. It was ripped off from the Mexicans. “Yes We Can” is the Spanish translation of “Si, Se Puede,” the motto of the United Farm Workers, created by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in 1972. The slogan became popular with several union and civil rights groups. It re-surged into history again with the 2006 immigration marches. Obama’s team was smart in using the English phrase for the campaign and fuse a familiar Latino phrase with his presidential run.

TIP: Trying to reach out, think on how to use a familiar Hispanic – American platform to promote your own ideas and connect with the Latino community.


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