Please Considering Helping Freedom

A message from U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC. They do an amazing job in educating people, and members of Congress, on the reality of Cuba. Please help:

The 2nd quarter ends this week, and efforts in Congress to unilaterally normalize relations with the Castro regime are only intensifying. There is a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign led by trade associations, other business interests and wealthy ideological foundations seeking to unconditionally lift sanctions and conduct “business as usual.”
Last week, the Cuban regime recognized in its Granma newspaper that the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC was “the biggest lobbying obstacle in Washington for efforts to normalize relations with Cuba.”
The U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC is very close to having a record quarter. It is $14,000 short of that goal. Anything you can provide towards reaching that goal would be extremely helpful. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. Just imagine the message that would be sent — during these intense times in Cuba policy — by this record breaking endeavour.
Please visit the PAC’s website today,, and click “Contribution.”
Through your action, the Castro regime’s efforts in the Congress WILL be thwarted.
Thank you!

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