That Latin Beat: Hips Don’t Lie

I love music. Certain songs transport me back in time. As a kid my dad would bring me music popular in his hometown in Mexico. It was great. I would run around the house lip-syncing the songs and it really helped me connect with my cousins in Mexico. In honor of them I decided to start showcasing the Latin Beat and highlighting some popular music in the Hispanic community and Latin America.

I am starting off with a popular favorite, the beautiful Colombiana Shakira and “Hips Don’t Lie.” Though the song is several years old it still at the top of iTune Latino downloads.

I was planning on featuring the actual music video but Shakira doesn’t let her fans embed video. 😦 So here is her performance at the Grammy Awards. (click on “Hips Don’t Lie” for the actual music video.)

The next video is one of her first songs that made her popular with Hispanic Americans Ciega Sordomuda. This was the song my girl friends and I would lip-sync scream at the top of our lungs. From the video, you can tell its early in her career.


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  1. Betty, muy interesante tu blog. Me da gusto ver como estas haciendo cosas desde que te graduate de FIU. Shakira – the best! Un beso.

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