Neighbors to Castro fan: Mow your lawn!

Today the Miami Herald’s blog is reporting pinko-commie loving Members of Congress are very naughty neighbors. grass

Miami Hearld’s Naked Politics: Neighbors to Castro fan: Mow your lawn!

Rep. Laura Richardson — who met in April with Fidel Castro — has ticked off her California neighbors for letting her house go to seed.

“What I don’t get is how she has the time to visit with Fidel Castro but doesn’t have time for her own house,” neighbor John Bailey told the Los Angeles Times. “If you can’t manage your own household, you probably shouldn’t get involved in international affairs.”

The Congresswoman was one of several members of the Congressional Black Caucus who met with the Castro’s earlier this year. They decided not to meet with dissidents because they didn’t want to insult the castros. Even the Washington Post attacked them for ignoring human rights on the communist island.

The Congressional Black Caucus did have time to meet with the families of five Cubans convicted of spying on the United States and selling state secrets. Clearly, we know their priorities …


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