Countdown to Germany

It’s official the countdown to Germany has begun.

At the end of this month I will be going to Germany for about 10 days. I am participating in a special tour for young American professionals to study Germany’s economic and political challenges and opportunities. I am beyond excited about my visit to Germany and participating in this special program.

The trip will have special significance to me as I have never been to Europe. I know, I know some are asking, “How have you never been to Europe?” Easy, because I haven’t…. growing up my family wasn’t bankrolling in green and then working in politics, sometimes it’s very hard to get away. So now finally I am going over the oversees.

During my trip I will be going to Lubeck, Kiel and Berlin.

Now I am getting ready for this new adventure. I’m reading books, downloaded basic German lessons to my iPod and watching some movies on all things German. Anyone have suggestions on how to prepare?

I plan to blog my entire trip and post pictures. Look forward to your feedback.


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